Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is a multifaceted metropolis . At the same time that it is the most important gastronomic center of Bras il, it is the capital of culture in Latin America, with a unique offer of leisure , knowledge and entertainment . A metropolis, typically urban , covered with a vast green area .

An avant-garde and innovative city, which preserves in architecture , arts and gastronomy a past composed by the union of more than 70 nationalities. And, while preserving traditions, it does not allow itself to be surpassed. Tuned in is the right word to describe it. To get to know it better it takes only two things: an open mind and a willingness to plunge headlong into this city that never sleeps .

The world of arts and entertainment also boils São Paulo. Cultural Center of Latin America , São Paulo has 101 museums, 282 movie theaters, 146 libraries and about 40 cultural centers, in addition to numerous popular parties and fairs that take place on its streets. In addition, the city has 182 theaters. They are spaces for the assembly of shows of all artistic lines, ranging from overproductions of Broadway musicals to avant-garde theater.

Very rich and diverse gastronomy. this is what is found in São Paulo. The city gathers some of the best restaurants in Latin America and the world , among its more than 15 thousand restaurants and 20 thousand bars. There are national and international options, catering to all budgets. In addition to the cuisine of 52 countries, São Paulo is famous for food trucks and “gastronomic fairs”, which now take over the city streets.

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